The Manifestation Of Microbial Fermentation,University of Turku, Finland, 2022

I started making videos with the idea they were subjective to my paintings or sculptures.
But as soon as I made my first, it was clear the images were an expression on themselves. They became independent in my art and were presented in various international exhibitions and presentations, without being linked to my paintings on canvas, drawings or three-dimensional works.
My videos are paintings in movement. They are not videos that illustrate a story, but are an expression of a feeling. They are an abstract vision to a realistic subject. I try to attract the viewer in the movements that occur in the videos. In that way the concept of time and space becomes self-reflective.
My inspiration are microscopic images made of the Lacto Bacillus as well as the Propionic Bacterium. What I want to express in the video is the process of microbial fermentation through the lactobacilli and yeast. The movements, the sound and the images in the video produce a feeling of being part inside this process.

The manifestation of microbial fermentation (video-assignment)
Text for the University of Turku, Finland. 2022