Product X, LVXII Salon Nacional, Rosario, Argentina, 2013

Product X, the unknown subject. To advertise certain products in commercials, it is not unusual to compare the item you need to sell with others. It is customary to compare the item with an anonymous product: X. The unknown product is secret. You know nothing about the product. You don’t know if the product is good or bad. Product X is always presented without any seductive, personified visual appearance. Most of the time, it is presented as a white product with a black or red X on it, or sometimes it was a black object bearing a white X. I am fascinated by the thought that everything in the world around me seems to present itself as a product X: the object in a state of being, in and of itself.

The video shows the existence of this unknown product. It is beautiful in its manifestation and in its destruction. PRODUCT X is a tragic statement: it has to present itself as worthy in comparison to others, but of all the throwaway products that exist in the world it is the most useless.

Presentation text for the LVXII Salon Nacional de Rosario 2013, Museum Castagnino+macro, Rosario, Argentina